About the GLLDCoP

BILD Communities of Practice are groups set up by local people who care about people with learning disabilities experiencing good health and wellbeing, and good health services.  They currently run in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Greater Manchester.

Communities of Practice are working towards the eradication of health inequalities by supporting carers, care workers and all professionals to:

  • be person centred
  • provide the best quality care and support
  • improve equality and access

Following the consultation meetings at the Regent’s Park Holiday Inn, and the online survey, BILD has written a report about current concerns, needs and what people in the Greater London area would like from a Community of Practice, including:

  • More availability of online resources, including training
  • Better support for those working with complex needs
  • An online forum with information available and accessible to all, including shared practice and ‘lived experiences’.

The GLLDCOP is design to meet these needs and an easy read copy of the report is available here, with the full version being available shortly. 

In addition to the blog there is a closed Facebook group where you can interact with other members of the GLLDCOP.  The Facebook group is designed to be collaborative and a forum where information and experiences can be shared and questions asked.  Local groups and training events can also be posted here, along with service updates and other community stories about learning disabilities and health you’d like to share.

You can write for us or contact us about any future topics or areas you would like to see covered.  Also, if you are part of a local service or group that would like to let others in the GLLDCOP know about your events then please get in touch.

The GLLDCOP is for those of you working, living and loving in London so your contributions and input are vital and most welcome!

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