Supported Loving and The Big Learning Disability Survey.

Written by Clare Melvin

Mencap are inviting people with a learning disability to take part in the first national survey of people with a learning disability in 15 years! The survey offers the chance for people with a learning disability to share their experiences and what’s important to them, including sections on friendships and relationships as well as health, employment and inclusion. It was fully co-produced by people with a learning disability and the findings will be shared later in the summer.

Take part in this important survey here. 

For more information, Easy Read FAQs, supporter guidelines and the Welsh language version of the survey visit here, and if you would like any more information or have any questions you can email the Research team at:

Supported Loving Website

The fabulous Supported Loving (see the GLLDCOP Hard Conversations blog) now has a brand new website. For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff. The Supported Loving Campaign, set up by Choice Support, highlights the importance of good support in helping people with learning disabilities find love.

The new website has regular podcasts from people with learning disabilities, service providers, professionals and the Supported Loving Team to discussion important topics such as sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities. The blog includes many voices and stories from being transgender, what love is, life in the LBGTI LD community, how families and parents can help, finding love and lots more!

Supported Loving also invite you to join their network, made up of organisations and individuals who are passionate about improving good support for adults with learning disabilities. Join here and find out more about the network.

Visit the new Supported Loving website –

Let’s change things!!! Sign the petition to amend the Health & Social Care Act to include loving/sexual relationships.

Social Care inspections do not currently include specific reference to relationships and sex, making it possible for a service or support provider to receive an ‘outstanding’ rating, whilst neglecting an essential part of people’s lives and the human experience. Figures (Supported Loving, 2018) indicate only 3% of people with a learning disability live in a couple compared to 70% of the general population. How can a remit for choice, rights, independence, inclusion and wellbeing not include loving and/or sexual relationships? The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has stated that mandatory questions on sex and relationships cannot be introduced for inspectors without amending the Health & Social Care Act. So, please sign, share and promote this petition to get some momentum and discussion going to ensure that people with learning and developmental disabilities have the same rights and opportunities for love, sex, intimacy and companionship as those without. Finding love is hard at the best of times but without support and/or opportunity it’s impossible!

Share the petition link –

LD in the news.

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