Carer Burnout and Developing Resilience

One of the things identified by those who attended the BILD Greater London  consultation meetings, and in the online survey, was Carer Burnout.  With increasing demands and shrinking resources learning disability services and support are being stretched further and wider, with the impact taking it’s toll on those in receipt of services and those delivering them.

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There are many challenges to working (paid or voluntarily) in social care.  This week, findings from a new survey have highlighted a “dangerous shortfall” of care workers, spurring social care providers to call on the government.  The survey, undertaken by Anchor, a care and housing charity for older people, showed that barely one in five people would consider a career in the care sector and there were strong views that a care career is undervalued by society and care work is not valued by the government.  This comes when delays to publication of the workforce strategy for the health and social system and the older people’s social care green paper are announced by the government.

Whilst official support and guidance may minimal, many charities, community groups and third sector organisations are committed to providing help and advice. This includes recognising the signs of Carer Burnout and strategies for managing it.

  • Carewatch have a checklist you can complete to and advice on what to do if you think you are suffering from burnout – access their website here.
  • CarersUK have an open online community forum where you can respond to threads or post questions.  They have a discussion board specific to Learning Disabilities.
  • HelpGuide.Org provide information on the signs and symptoms of stress and burnout along with tips and advice on coping.  They also provide links to useful resources and guides, along with highlighting the pros and cons of online vs face-to-face support.



Developing Resilience and maintaining Wellbeing.

Acknowledging your emotions and recognising when things are feeling untenable is vital.  In addition to support from others, developing resilience and practicing mindfulness can help to regain a sense of control and inner calm, not only in moments of crisis, but also in our everyday lives.

  • Guidance from the charity MIND and information about resilience is available here.
  • MIND also provide useful advice and tips for managing mental wellbeing, which can be here.  You can also register interest in their upcoming resilience courses.
  • Futurelearn offer free online courses and next week (25th June 2018) start their Maintaining a Mindful Life four week course. Further information and registration is available here.  You can still sign up after the course starts.
  • Headspace is a mindfulness app and has been making news since 2010.  The basics are free (10 session which take you step-by-step through how to begin practicing mindfulness).  These free sessions can be used as often as you like so there is no need to subscribe unless you particularly want to develop more advanced skills in meditation.

LD in the News

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New clues in Language difficulties in autism in research from the University of Missouri.

Survey warns ministers of approaching shortfall in care workers.


22nd June 201810am – Stronger, Louder, Together! Learning Disability England Webinar: It’s MY Life“.  An online event highlighting the important of self advocacy for people with learning disabilities. The webinar will focus on how people with learning disabilities can be supported to get their voices heard, feel respected and get the best outcomes. Will include an overview of the tools and opportunities LDE have adopted and how self-advocacy training has empowered people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves.  The webinar will be co-led by SPICE Self-Advocates who will share their stories and inspire others.  Find out more and register here.

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