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Our first blog post

To kick start the first post of the GLLDCOP this week’s blog is focusing on physical and mental health alongwith other stories of LD in the news and training/conferences.

Learning Disability Mortality Review

Last month the LeDeRDepartment of Health (DoH) published the Learning Disabilities Mortality review (also referred to as LeDeR for short). Bristol University have created an easy read version and a short video. The University LeDeR webpage also tells you how to report a death and also if you have a learning disability and would like to be involved in the research.

The LeDeR highlights the earlier mortality rate amongst individuals with LD compared to those without and stresses the need for further investigation into deaths of those with LD aged between 18 and 24 years and those from black and minority ethnicities.

The review emphasises the need for better awareness and research into the symptoms of sepsis and pneumonia in people with LD and improved interagency working.  This includes:HealthCarePassport

  • Health passports in case of need for admission (template here)
  • Communication passports and awareness of function in challenging behavior including illness (examples here)
  • Annual health checks for people with LD
  • Turning Point have produced a helpful health toolkit for people with LD

Independent Review of the Mental Health Act (MHA)

Also published this month by the Department of Health was the Interim Independent Review of the Mental Health Act (MHA) highlighting:

  • Over-representation of black and minority ethnicities detained under the MHA and experiencing poorer outcomes over time.
  • The report acknowledges that human rights are being respected however there is the risk of an individual’s dignity being neglected during detention.

mental-health-event-image2-696x386.jpgThe DoH will continue its investigation and has identified the need to further explore detention of 16-and 17-year-olds and people with LD of any age.

The aim of the report is make recommendations in relation to rising rates of detention despite a reduction in the number of beds/placements.

You can access an easy read version and the full report here. There is also a short video about the review programme.


LD in the news this week:

Online Training:

All Kinds of Minds – Free online materials about integrating the principles and values of person-centered care into the support of people with learning disabilities and autism – https://allkindsofminds.co.uk/

Futurelearn – Improving Health Assessments for People with an Intellectual Disability   – https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/health-assessment

Conferences & Events:


Learning Disability Today London Conference 2018 28th November 2018 – book here



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